Van and Truck Product Up Fitting FAQs

Q. I’m not comfortable with mail order purchasing. Can I see the equipment before I buy it?
A. Absolutely! Just stop by New England Van & Truck location and you can have hands on with most of the product. See vehicles being up fitted and experience the friendly and knowledgeable service we are known for.

Q. How much does it generally cost to get my van or truck up fitted?
A. It depends on how much equipment you want and how customized you want your vehicle to be. For a van, a complete shelving package with a safety / security partition will typically run around $2,000 installed, and go up from there. Most of our customers that add drawers, ladder racks, and some accessories spend $2,500 to $3,500 to have us up fit their vehicle. For a truck, a cross bed box with an over-the-cab ladder rack will typically run around $1,500.

Q. How long does it take to get my van or truck up fitted?
A. Typically, your vehicle will be out of service for one day or less. Some items can actually be installed while you wait. We do everything we can to reduce your vehicles down time.

Q. Can I install the equipment myself or does New England Van & Truck have to do it?
A. That is entirely up to you. All of our equipment has assembly and installation instructions, and we’re always available for any questions you might have. But, most of our customers prefer to have us do the installation to get it done quickly and to make sure it is done right the first time! Also, all of our installations are guaranteed and ensure that equipments warranties will be honored.

Q. What if New England Van & Truck doesn’t have a branch near me?
A. In addition to our company owned branch, New England Van & Truck is partnered up with many other companies throughout the country. We’ll often see if there is someone in your area who can help you. And if not, we can ship equipment directly to you.

Q. Ok, I’m in the process of buying a new vehicle. So, what do I do now?
A. Come by or give us a call right away. We will give you ideas to help you select the right equipment that fits your needs. And, we will make sure you can put your vehicle to work right a way, where it belongs. We also work with a lot, if not all the dealerships in our area and they have ways of bundling all of this in the financing of the vehicle, saving you a lot of time and energy.

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